An Idiot’s Guide to CMA Voting

Industry players were inboxed today with round 2 ballots for the 2017 CMA Awards. I thought country music’s identity crisis was behind us, but by the looks of today’s ballot I believe we’re even more confused. In case you missed my quick recap on Facebook or maybe we’re not friends…here.

The CMA says you should vote for those who you feel made the biggest impact on country music over the past 12 months. To some industry people that means casting votes for their personal favorites.

“Oh I love that Luke Bryan! Especially when he does that little ass shakin’ thing! YUM!”

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For some it means voting for whomever puckered up and kissed their big ole fat ass. Ass kissing could range from things like letting this individual hangout in their special “VIP Radio Room” prior to a show, or maybe leaving them a personalized voicemail thanking them for adding their song. I know a lot of programmers that eat that shit up. They LOVE it when artists make them feel special.


Should winners of these prestigious awards really be determined this way? Fuck no. I’m not saying all 7,500+ members are douchey radio gurms. But every vote counts, right?

Let’s get back to this year’s funky ballot. Jason Isbell. Heard of him? Maybe–maybe not. Country purists love him. He makes great music. Sonically, it’s got that twang that country used to have back in the day. He writes his own stuff, and man he’s a great storyteller. His name appeared on the 2nd round ballot for album of the year. I know some of you just popped a huge musical boner. I get it. But should he really be winning CMA Awards? Probably not. His impact on the format hasn’t been great enough. His most recent album has sold just over 80,000 copies. Yes, that’s more than a few mainstream country acts. But consider those whom he has outsold to be struggling. Jason’s current tour is selling out a few shows here and there. But considering the capacity of the venues he’s playing that seems less than impressive. We’re talking 2460, 2600, 4300, & 1200 seat venues. I don’t need to show you numbers for Aldean, Chesney, FGL, or Church…do I?

Jason has won Americana awards, and it’s because that’s where he belongs. In Americana. His style of music is accepted and (more importantly) respected in that genre. Besides, if he won would he even show?

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TBT: Taylor Swift Interview 2006

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Since our news feeds are currently flooded with comments on the butt-grabbing incident, I thought I’d post an oldie but a goodies with Taylor from back in the day.  And while we’re on the subject let me just say I think the slime ball radio douche is totally guilty of ASSaulting T.


Riiiiight.  I’ve dropped my iPad plenty of times and never even managed to crack the screen, let alone lose all everything.

Anyway, check out my clyp page for the audio.

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Glen Campbell Interview


It’s funny how we forgot the legends while they’re living, but as soon as they die we all of a sudden care.  Glen’s personal life was a mess.  It’s everything you’d expect from a ‘county-western singer.’  4 wives, 8 kids, booze, cocaine…I’m sure there was a dog or two in there.  But hey, it’s those life experiences that help artists make great music.

Glen released more than 70 albums, selling 45 million copies.  According to an article posted in January, that should put Glen in #6 spot all-time for country acts.  But for whatever reason he doesn’t appear on the list.  Probably something about the difference between certified units, certified claims, RIAA, Soundscan…I don’t know what the hell the differences are.  He’s sold a shit load of albums, and that deserves respect.  He was the country to pop crossover before Taylor Swift or Sam Hunt.

I never got to interview Glen, but I did talk to his wife (the 4th one) and daughter, Ashley on several occasions.  Since my ass got fired, I’m re-posting all the audio on my clyp page.

…searches for files…

I guess I never got a chance to put the audio from my most recent interview with Kim & Ashley on my external hard drive.  The big nugget from that one was Kim revealing that in her basement she has a cassette tape of Glen and Elvis singing together.  She promised me she’d try to find it and release it somehow.

I did speak with James Keach and Julian Raymond about Glen’s documentary, “I’ll Be Me.” Grab those clips HERE.

There’s also this gem. My former co-host and hustla, Jordan doing a freestyle mashup of Glen’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” over 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

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