Beer Vs Bourbon – Episode 41


This week’s rundown:

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:00-:51 Broadway’s Big Announcment

2:11-19:35 Liberty Pole Spirits Interview

20:08-23:16 Restaurants Are Screwing Up The Beer
+Nick from Stick City Brewing Co.

23:46-26:35 Jagoffs

27:11-34:01 Listener Voicemails

34:29-37:21 Things That Make You Go Hmm

37:37-50:32 What’s it like to live in Australia?




Voice over provided by Matt Gilcheck Voice Over

Graphic design by Paul Baker

Music from Marc The Bull

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2 New Shows Coming To Netflix This Month

Since being out of work, I have exhausted Netflix. I’m ready for some new shows.

Dreams come true a week from today!

That’s when the brand new show ‘Sex Education’ hits the streaming service.

The premise: A teenage virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother teams up with a smart and edgy high school classmate to start their own health clinic.

‘Sex Education’ drops on January 11th.

If you like Walking Dead, you’ll love this next one.

Kingdom premieres on Netflix on Friday, January 25th.

Netflix must feel pretty good about how the first season came out because they have already renewed it for a second which goes into production next month.

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Jesus Had Curly Hair and Chubby Cheeks

During a call-in segment about dying and coming back to life, a listener talked about his encounter with Jesus on the other side. We were caught off guard by his description of the Son of God. Take a listen in the clip below.

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