About Broadway

Broadway has been a country music radio deejay since 2006. He started at B-93 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he accepted the night show host position. While there, his show was syndicated on 106.7 The Fox-Detroit, FM106-Milwaukee, 106.1 RDU Country-Raleigh, Vegas Country-Las Vegas, Country 92.5-Hartford, and 102.5 KNIX-Phoenix. Broadway was also heard on over 50 stations across the country as part of Clear Channel’s Premium Choice on weekend nights.

Since 2012 he has worked in Miami, FL, Hartford, CT and Pittsburgh, PA.

Hear a sample of his work HERE.

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45 Responses to About Broadway

  1. Maureen Ulwelling says:

    Where can I get a copy of the Black Kenny Chesney/Eric Church /Eli Young. Kasey poster? I would like it for a present with a ticket that I bought. I would like the biggest poster size.

  2. Mark says:

    Where did you go from Country 92.5? Country Moring Radio is just not the same…

  3. Where are you? No longer on 92.5?

    • Broadway says:

      They let me go to make room for Damon Scott

      • Nancy says:

        This is very sad for you and us.
        The chemistry is not there between Damon Scott and Corey. And, he does not know much about country music and does not stop talking…..
        I hope you find a better job since they obviously did not understand how devoted your audience is.
        I will follow your blog.

      • Broadway says:

        Thank you 😊

      • Tammy Rhodes says:

        I never liked Corey and back when they let Bosch go I stopped listening. I moved to NC and came back this past year. Still do not like Corey but listened because of you. And they did it again. So I once again will not listen to 92.5. Best wishes on finding new gig…

  4. Justine Smith says:

    I think Damon Scott’s comments are inappropriate for morning radio and doesn’t fit on a country station. One more reason to listen to Pandora now! Best of luck to you.

  5. Sharon says:

    it’s just not the same anymore – you were so much better!

  6. De says:

    Wow! Your prayer request Weds. helped my family when my husband lost his job. I will pray that you are back on the air very soon.📿

  7. Darren says:

    You were much better!!! I usually don’t comment on stuff like this but felt compelled.

  8. Diane says:

    I stopped listening to 96.5 in the past for 92.5 with The Electric Barnyard with Broadway & Cory.
    The morning show is NOT the same…..Bring Broadway back….

  9. Michelle Spagnoletti says:

    You are very much missed. He is not good at all. Let us know where you goms

  10. Barbara Bowen says:

    I miss you so much, Broadway…I hope things are going well for you. Now I know what happened to you…it sucks scissors!!!

  11. Lauren says:

    I wake up and I cringe every day Damon Scott speaks in the morning. Cory is making a valiant effort, they just don’t vibe together. He’s obnoxious. Thank goodness she is still there. I actually laughed at your humor, Damon makes me change the station….A lot of others feel the same…it’s his voice and personality……cringe cringe cringe

  12. Tina Burne says:

    I also can’t stand the sound of his voice let alone listen to what he says. I have turned off 92.5. 😕

  13. Angela Legere says:

    Damon on 96.5 on the way home from work was cool and all, but listening to you on my way to work every day always got the day going right! Called in a summer or two back with a Shania request during the short-lived “Bra country” and you were super nice while we chatted about her, and you even kept me on the line so you could find out any concert/ticket info you could about her show at the casino! My favorite of your time on the morning show was actually when it was you and Jordan!! It seems like 92.5 kind of did you dirty a little and it’s clear which people they HIGHLY favor. Wish you great luck and success in your future endeavors and very happy to be able to keep up with you on your blog!

  14. Mike says:

    I honestly cannot believe that you were fired for the guy who is on there now I honestly thought you moved on to something better and they had to find some half assed replacement on the spot.

  15. Maria says:

    Googled to see where you went stopped listening in the morning on way to work Corey and you had chemistry …just not there with Damon thank goodness for XM radio best to you better things on the way!

  16. kim says:

    I agree 92.5 morning show is just not the same without Broadway! Very poor decision on their part.

  17. Pam says:

    I’ve stopped listening in the morning – can’t stand Damon Scott and agree with others – his comments are inappropriate (children may be in the car at that hour) and he’s obnoxious/annoying. And there is ZERO chemistry between him and Corey. Very bad move for 92.5. Sorry to see you go and wish you all the best!!!

  18. Kirsten says:

    Stopped listening to 92.5 after they let you go. This guy has the most unpleasant radio voice and personality.

  19. Susan Sullivan says:

    I’ve stopped listening to 92.5 after listening for close to 20 years. Damon Scott does not belong on country with his toilet humor and other nonsensical crap he does. Miss listening to you.

  20. Brittany says:

    Miss listening to you in the morning! I could always count on you and Corey for a laugh on the Electric Barnyard while driving to work! I switched to XM.. would love it if you got a job on one of their country stations!

  21. norm says:

    Eletric Barnyard radio station Y108 pittsburgh back on morning radio.

  22. norm says:

    Eletric barnyard back on morningss
    Y108 pittsburgh get on via through internet can listen to radio station through CBS radio app.

    • norm says:

      Congratulations Electric Barnyard back on
      On radio mornings Y108 Pittsburgh via through
      Internet through CBS Radio app.

  23. RCB says:

    I NEVER leave blog comments, but I felt I had to look up what really happened. I am sorry we the 92.5 listeners lost out on your talent and more so for you having to move on. Was never a fan of DS when at 96.5 and his sophomoric style has pushed me away from 92.5 as well. Not a fit. All the best to you and your new future audience that will benefit from your personality and values.

  24. Lynne D'Amato says:

    Broadway I miss you! We all miss you… Damon is just well in a word ANNOYING and isn’t a good match with Corey. I find myself wondering what she thinks of the switch?? Does she cringe when Damon is well being DAMON? No a good fit in my opinion for Morning Radio.

    I hope you and your family are happy and that one day soon 92.5 will realize there mistake… First Bosch now you… So sad.

  25. Cheryl says:

    Broadway, I googled to find out if you had found a new home yet. I’m glad you did, but your comment that you were replaced by a 60 year old seems ageist to me, another 60 year old. Why mention his age?

    • Broadway says:

      I mentioned it because it doesn’t make sense (to me) why you would fire someone who is in their prime only to replace them with someone who will likely retire soon.

  26. Helen Henkel says:

    Glad I finally found out what happened and where you are now. Honestly I think Corey wears the pants in the family – both at home and on the air. She’s on her 3rd dh and has gone through at least 4 morning show partners since I started listening some 20 yrs or so ago. It took a while to warm up to you but I did and miss you in the mornings. Both Damon and Corey can be oh SO obnoxious and loud in the morning.

    • Broadway says:

      Awww thank you, Helen! I didn’t leave by choice. I miss CT and would love to get back someday. You can listen on your phone with the Radio.com app – M-F 5-10a. Just search for WDSY. Thanks again for the kind words! =)

  27. Amy Smith says:

    Broadway..sooooo excited to have found you again!!! yahhh!!! 92.5 SUCKS I don’t listen anymore..it’s awful since you left they are obnoxious!!! Glad you found something but know you are soooo very missed her in CT! Hope you and your family are well, I think of you often!! Be happy

  28. Cindi Curtiss says:

    I’m glad I found you! I loved the chemistry between you are Cory and was shocked when one day you just weren’t there. I immediately dislike Damon (what, how do you hire someone who knows NOTHING about country music?) but decided to give him some time; he and Cory obviously have a history, but his comments are often inappropriate (I’ve called and left a complaint!) and always sophomoric. And now, suddenly, there seems be whole big shake-up at the station … geez, what are they thinking? Wish you and Cory were back together again!
    Caught you on Tiny Houses and hope you and you lovely family get to spend some time at that lovely setting ….

    • Broadway says:

      Hi Cindi! I’m very flattered! I miss CT & Cory…LOTS! I was devastated when they cut me loose to hire Damon. If ever there was an opportunity to come back, I’d surly be there. Thanks and take care.

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