Beer Vs Bourbon – Episode 41


This week’s rundown:

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:00-:51 Broadway’s Big Announcment

2:11-19:35 Liberty Pole Spirits Interview

20:08-23:16 Restaurants Are Screwing Up The Beer
+Nick from Stick City Brewing Co.

23:46-26:35 Jagoffs

27:11-34:01 Listener Voicemails

34:29-37:21 Things That Make You Go Hmm

37:37-50:32 What’s it like to live in Australia?




Voice over provided by Matt Gilcheck Voice Over

Graphic design by Paul Baker

Music from Marc The Bull

Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or stream it below!

About Broadway

Broadway has been a country music radio deejay since 2006. He started at B-93 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he accepted the night show host position. While there, his show was syndicated on 106.7 The Fox-Detroit, FM106-Milwaukee, 106.1 RDU Country-Raleigh, Vegas Country-Las Vegas, Country 92.5-Hartford, and 102.5 KNIX-Phoenix. Broadway was also heard on over 50 stations across the country as part of Clear Channel’s Premium Choice on weekend nights. Since 2012 he has worked in Miami, FL, Hartford, CT and Pittsburgh, PA.
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2 Responses to Beer Vs Bourbon – Episode 41

  1. Deb Smith says:

    Hi Like your show!

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