Lady Antebellum Family Member Busted Pirating Music!

HS=Hillary Scott
CM=Cory Myers

BW: How are you feeling?

HS: Really good.

BW: Any morning sickness at all? Have you had to deal with that?

HS: Not at all.

BW: You are lucky!

HS: I am so thankful. I wake up every day and think about the women that have to have Zip-Locks in their cars, they’re so sick. I thank God every day that I have not had to deal with that. Fatigue has been my toughest obstacle.

CM: Yes, napping becomes your friend.

HS: Yes.

CM: Your mother must be over the moon.

HS: She is. She is very, very excited, and my little sister as well, about everything. This is a funny story…I was playing my parents the new music, and our new single, and she had her iPad in the backseat, and I didn’t realize she was recording it. So, my little sister was pirating our new single on her iPad. Thankfully it’s just for her own ears only and she already has it memorized.

BW: I caught up with you last summer and we talked baby names because my wife and I were expecting our second and you said the girls name that you really liked was your grandmother’s name. Are you still feeling that name for a girl?

Fast forward to 2:30 mark

HS: You know what? I don’t know. We’re waiting until we find out what we are having which will be in the next six weeks or so…

CM: Now, you both want to find out?

HS: We do…and I think that will narrow it down a little bit, but I think if it’s a boy there aren’t very many girl names that could be boy names, but if it’s a girl there’s a bunch of boy names on the list that could technically be girl names, so I’m hoping I can at least cut it down some what because there’s a lot of names to choose from and a lot of really cute ones and family names that are important to us. So, it’s a tough decision.

CM: Now the baby is really going to change things, because as I understand, your husband doesn’t ride the bus with you generally. So when the baby comes, are you all going to get your own family bus?

HS: We are, yeah and he’ll ride with us every so often. A little bit more now. But, we haven’t actually been doing too many shows so far, but yeah, we’ll have to get our own bus. As much as I would love to make Charles and Dave change diapers and take night duty, I’m not going to make them do that.

BW: Is it true that the baby’s heartbeat is going to be on the new album? Are you guys really going to use it for a production piece for one of the songs?

HS: You know, we haven’t made it happen yet, but that’s definitely something we’re going to try to capture (and it was Charles’ idea). I walked into the studio and we had just had the doctor’s appointment and I was like, “Here’s the heartbeat, it’s beating 158, really strong and fast.” And he goes, “We have to do something with that!” And we have this song on our record that’s really sweet and special to us. It was the last song we wrote for the record, and it could be about a love relationship or it could be truly for a parent to a child as well, and so he was like, “that would be such a cool way to start that song.” So, it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m hoping. We’ve just got to figure out some way to capture it in high quality, because the little thing they use at the doctor and recording it on my phone wasn’t exactly great quality.

BW: Yeah, there’s gotta be somewhere to plug in on that machine so you can run it right into the board.

HS: I’m sure my doctor would be like, “What are you doing?”

BW: I’m making music, that’s what I do.


BW: Is there a word that has stood out throughout your career that you’re like that is the strangest word ever and I could not find a word to rhyme with it?

HS: Gosh, I’m trying to think…that’s a good question.

BW: What do you do when you come to a word though that you just can’t rhyme? Do you throw it out?

HS: The good thing about being southern is you can make a lot of words rhyme that probably shouldn’t. It’s called a good slant rhyme. Unless it’s just something completely impossible to rhyme, I can normally come up with one that at least halfway gets us there.

CM: What about narwhale?

HS: It’s Reba’s husband, Narvel.

BW: Hillary, I’m loving you on lead vocal on the new track, “Downtown”. It’s very sassy.

HS: Thank you. I will say, there’s a new-found confidence being pregnant, and I didn’t have it in the very beginning because you just feel really weird and a little like what’s going on I don’t have control of my body anymore? But now, I’ve just kind of really settled in and I feel more like a woman than I ever have in my entire life, and more confident in who I am. At the end of every day, my husband and I joke because I’m like, “What did you do today?” And he goes, “I went to the gym, practiced my drums, talked to my Mom.” And I go, “Well, I helped make an ear.” It’s the ultimate one-upper, and I love it.

About Broadway

Broadway has been a country music radio deejay since 2006. He started at B-93 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he accepted the night show host position. While there, his show was syndicated on 106.7 The Fox-Detroit, FM106-Milwaukee, 106.1 RDU Country-Raleigh, Vegas Country-Las Vegas, Country 92.5-Hartford, and 102.5 KNIX-Phoenix. Broadway was also heard on over 50 stations across the country as part of Clear Channel’s Premium Choice on weekend nights. Since 2012 he has worked in Miami, FL, Hartford, CT and Pittsburgh, PA.
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