Jason Aldean Dies in His New Movie

Sweetwater Still

Jason Aldean called my radio show this morning, here’s what was said:

Broadway: Joining us on the show; singer, songwriter, actor…Jason Aldean! How does that feel?

Jason: Well, I dunno. Wait ’til you see the movie before you say I’m an actor. You may strike that from the list.

Broadway: Have you seen the movie yet?

Jason: I haven’t, you know what I’m actually supposed to see it today, as a matter of fact, for the first time. (Interview recorded on 1-11-13)

Broadway: How big of a role do you have in the movie, because you’re not listed on IMDB.

Jason: Originally they wanted me to play a part that was a bigger part than what I ended up playing. But, with it being my first time acting I basically turned that role down and was like, “You got something that’s a little bit less of a part?” I just kinda wanted to try a smaller part, and see if it was something I was even interested in. I ended up taking a role, and it’s got a few speaking parts in it, but it’s not a huge part, which is exactly what I wanted to do. If I was gonna be bad, I wanted to be on the film as least amount of time as possible.

Cory: Alright, well fill me in; what’s the name of the movie, when is it gonna be out, who’s in the movie with you, what do you exactly play in it, I want all the details.

Jason: The name of the movie is, “Sweetwater” and it’s kind of a western sort of thing and it’s got Ed Harris and January Jones and Jason Isaacs in it. Jason Isaacs plays this prophet who is not a very good guy and I’m his henchman, I’m his guy that does all the dirty work for him. I get to shoot a couple people, and then I end up getting put down as well. It’s actually gonna premiere at the Sundance Film Festival here in a couple weeks. So, we’ll see what happens after that.

Broadway: You said if you suck at acting you’re not gonna do it again. Who’s the judge?

Jason: Me.

Cory: You’re always your own worst critic that’s ridiculous!

Jason: We’ll see what the reviews are.

Other timestamps:
2:31 What’s Jason’s nickname?
3:20 What’s Jason’s favorite snack?
3:58 How will Jason handle his daughters dating?
4:58 What’s Jason getting Kelly Clarkson for a wedding gift?
5:21 Does Jason have any interest in hosting an awards show?
5:41 Does Luke Bryan have permission to make jokes about Jason at the ACM’s?

Click Here for the full interview

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