Aaron Lewis Smoked with Cheech

You.. you.. you remember when you were with Staind? That was awesome!

Click Here to buy his new album, “The Road.” His acoustic cover of Rascal Flatts “What Hurts the Most” is majestic.

Me: When the EP came out, you told me you weren’t planning a full crossover. Now, you’ve released a full length country album. Is this the beginning of a complete crossover?

AL: I could have been slightly altered in my conscience. Maybe I didn’t hear the question properly because it was always my plan to follow it up. One of the things that was frustrating to me was people question whether I was just dipping my toes or whether I was committed to doing this and the last thing in the world I would have wanted to say was that I wasn’t committed to doing this and I wasn’t going to fully crossover to country.

Me: Will you eventually do another Staind album?

AL: It’s somewhere off in the distance.

Me: In your song, “Endless Summer,” you say you’re glad the song on the radio isn’t a Miley Cyrus song. What do you have against Miley? You have three daughters – don’t they like Miley?

AL: Hence the comment.

Me: You’re glad it’s not because you’re sick of Miley because of your daughters?

AL: Because I had to hear it for years and it’s nice that they’ve grown out of it. No beef with Miley.

Me: You like Miley?

AL: I definitely liked her more when she was acting like the little girl that she was.

Me: You never wanted Miley to grow up?

AL: It didn’t coincide with my daughters growing up so there was a point where it was like, “OKAY! I guess we’re all set with Miley at this point.”

Me: You recorded “Grandaddy’s Gun” for this album. It’s the first song you’ve ever recorded that you yourself didn’t write. How did you find that track and why did you sort of break your rule about recording other people’s songs?

AL: I found the song because I was hunting with Rhett Akins and somebody prompted him to pick up the acoustic guitar and play a couple songs and it was one of the songs he played. He’s a good friend of mine and I felt like it was the coolest pat on the back that I could give a friend – to record one of his songs – and it came at a time when I was very pressed for time to finish the record. I was trying to record while being out on the road with Staind, and it was a quick fix to the lack of time, there was like no time left.

Me: It could end up being a single, right? Is that a possibility?

AL: I guess anything’s possible. You don’t hear very many songs on today’s country radio though about guns and gun powder and family tradition.

Me: In your solo career, and even with Staind, you’ve only ever collaborated with other artists a handful of times. Is there anyone – in country – that you’d like to collaborate with? (I meant for his album.)

AL: I’ve always been pretty open to collaborating. I’ve done stuff with Cold, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, Linkin Park..I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’m open to whatever.

Me: What about Jason Aldean? You shout him out in the song (Endless Summer), what if he called and said I wanna do a record? You’d do it?

AL: Yeah.

Me: Who’s the most famous person you’ve smoked with?

AL: Cheech.

Me: What do you remember about smoking with Cheech? Anything?

AL: It was cool. It was pretty surreal.

Me: Was there a lot of giggling?

AL: There usually is.

Me: You said some pretty mean things about Carrie Underwood recently.. (asks what he said) ..you were talking about her song “Last Name.”

AL: It was pertaining to the lyrics of the song.

Me: You didn’t mean that about her specifically?

AL: She didn’t write it. She chose it. She picked it.

Me: I think she was one of the co-writers on “Last Name.”

AL: I don’t know. It usually doesn’t work out that way.

Me: But you didn’t really mean those things about her?

AL: They weren’t specifically about her, no. I don’t know that I would’ve, if I was someone that picked songs, I don’t know that I would pick songs that painted that picture that’s all.

Me: The new Twilight movie is out tonight at 10 o’clock? Is your wife gonna make you see it?

AL: I’ll be standing in line waiting..I’m gonna leave the show early and I’m gonna get in line and make sure I go see it.

Me: Is your wife into the Twilight stuff? Is she gonna make you go see it?

AL: Not even a little bit.

Me: You’re blessed, consider yourself very lucky. Does she have a sister?

AL: I don’t know whether she’s going to see the new Twilight movie or not. I think they’re silly.

Me: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

AL: Wow. You for even knowing what teams.

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