Blake Shelton Deserved Entertainer of the Year


Photo Courtesy of Country Music Association

I know Entertainer of the Year is about more than overall reach, but I wanted to share some numbers with you.

These numbers reflect the 2012 CMA Awards eligibility period, which is July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

During its second season, The Voice averaged 15.67 million viewers per week. Season two had a total of 21 episodes, which means he reached 329.07 million people with the show alone.

Do I even need to continue?

CD Sales
“Red River Blue” has sold over 500,000 copies, while “Cheers, It’s Christmas“ has pushed out another 10,000+ units.

Radio Airplay
I don’t have an exact number of spins or impressions for Blake for the eligibility period, but my friends at SFCM recently ran an article that will give you a glimpse at how dominate his music is on country radio.

First off, let me say his live shows are filled with hilariousness..example:

His Well Lit & Amplified Tour sold 220,000 tickets over 30 dates and grossed $10.6 million. It could have been much bigger, if not for his commitment to The Voice.

3.4 million Facebook followers and 2.1 million Twitter followers.

What does Miranda think of Blake’s EOTY win?
“I realized that it just meant not only touring numbers, not only ticket sales or how much production you have, but the way that you represent country music within a year,” Lambert said. “The media that you do and the work that you do and the TV shows that you are on and how you represent yourself and how you speak out about country music. When you think about it that way, Blake Shelton deserved to win that trophy tonight.”

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