Lee Brice Says Who He’d Like to Write For

Goin’ in for the kiss..

Here’s another interview from backstage at the Stars & Guitars benefit in Hollywood, Florida.

Me: You just got off the Blake Shelton cruise. Of all the artists that were on the cruise, whose liver was punished the most?

LB: Probably Jerrod Niemann. I would say me, but then that makes me look bad.

Me: Did you vote for yourself for CMA New Artist?

LB: I did not vote for myself. I don’t know how to vote, yet.

Me: So, you just didn’t vote yet?

LB: I’m going to. I haven’t voted yet.

Me: If you could write a song for anybody, even someone outside the country format, who would it be?

LB: Hank Jr’s been really big for me. I’ve got a couple cuts with artists that I love..

Me: You got a cut with Garth..

LB: Well, and he was like an idol, like wow that happened. But Hank Jr., he’s one of the most underrated singers and writers ever. He is a legend. I just would love to go to my grave one day going, “I got a Hank Jr. cut.”

Me: I feel like you could make that happen.

LB: Well, I’m tryin’ very slowly but surely.

Me: You’re getting married next April. What’s the most expensive thing on your registry?

LB: We don’t have a registry yet. We’re still workin’ on it. Our plans have been really slow since I’m on the road so much so I don’t get involved with her and help her have fun with this whole process. So we actually haven’t gotten to that step yet. What should I make it?

Me: You go nuts, you go crazy. Lookin’ back, you realize half the stuff you register for you don’t even want.

LB: You be like, “I want that awesome coffee maker over there.”

Me: And the $75 sponge for washing your car.

Me: What’s your favorite TV show?

LB: Eastbound and Down.

Me: All-time?

LB: In the last 20 years.

Me: You co-wrote a song on the new show “Nashville.”

LB: This is true. I didn’t even know it was on there. I was at a bar, and the first night it came on I was in a bar and I hear this song playing over the P.A. and I go, “I know that song.” And I go, “I wrote that song!” And I look up at the TV and it was the first episode and I was like, “My songs on the show!”

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