Easton Corbin Would Shoot a Unicorn

You’ve never seen elephant balls? They’re about this huge..

Here’s my final interview from Stars & Guitars. Please follow my partner in crime (she’s responsible for the ‘good’ questions), Windmills Music.

Me: Of all the songs you’ve recorded, which took the longest to cut and why?

EC: This is the deal, you get in there and you cut it. Because I think that spontaneity..that’s what’s important when you’re cutting records. You don’t want to think about too much.

Me: About a year ago, you went on vocal rest by doctor’s orders. You’ve been carrying an intense concert schedule lately..have you had to change your singing technique at all to keep your voice sturdy?

EC: No, you know I think the most important thing for any singer (I know for myself) you just have to get plenty of rest.

Me: You’re one of the only guys at country radio who isn’t trying to release a rowdy rock-influenced party song. Is that a conscious decision by you to help stand out from the crowd, a reflection of your personality and taste, or both?

EC: Here’s the deal, I get out there and I just make music that I love. I grew up with that older type traditional type country music. I just perform music that speaks to me. We did a song called “Make You Wanna Drink”. It was kind of a rowdy bar room song, but it was still that traditional thing. I just do what I do.

Me: Do you know what the next single will be?

EC: We’ve got some great songs on that record and we’ve got a few possibilities. We might be “All Over The Road” next time.

Me: What do you think when you hear the word “unicorn”?

EC: Really?

Me: You don’t believe in unicorns?

EC: I haven’t seen one yet, but I’d shoot it if I did.

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