Lauren Alaina Wants an Escalade for Her Birthday

Don’t look down, don’t look down..

Lauren Alaina was in town for our annual benefit show for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and I had a chance to ask her five questions. Unfortunately, my frickin’ microphone wasn’t working, so the audio is piss poor.

Me: What are you asking for for your 18th birthday?

LA: I have a lot of stuff. So, I don’t really need anything. I just want to be home with my family. That’s a good question..I want an Escalade.

Me: Maybe all you guys can pool your money together on the fan site and get her a door from an Escalade.

LA: Just like maybe one of the floor mats.

Me: A majority of country music fans weren’t excited to hear that Nicki Minaj would be sitting at the judges table on American Idol this season. Do you think that she’s a talented enough ‘singer’ to be on Idol?

LA: Well, I think she’s an entertainer. I don’t really know that she..I mean she can sing but she usually raps. But yeah, I think she’s cool.

Me: Are you excited to see what she brings to the show?

LA: Yeah, I think it’ll be interesting.

Me: Have you and Scotty McCreery ever dated?

LA: No, we have not.

Me: Do you think he’s cute?

LA: Yeah. He’s not my type at all, but he’s cute.

Me: What is your type?

LA: Not him. No I usually just depends, I don’t know!

Me: He’s not the guy that you were tweeting about back in June when you had that Twitter catfight?

LA: No.

Me: You wanna say who that was?

LA: A loser.

Me: Okay, he’s gone, he’s done?

LA: It’s done. He’s gone. Been long gone. I’m glad you saw that.

Me: I’m sorry, it was all over!

LA: I feel like I had every right to say those things.

Me: I feel like you could make a song out of it.

LA: I did. A few of ‘em.

Me: On the next album?

LA: Yeah.

Me: What are your plans for 2013?

LA: I’m gonna be recording an album probably the end of this year, maybe some in the first of the year. And I’ll be out promoting it, but I don’t know what exactly that is gonna be. Maybe jump on a tour..

Me: Maybe the Blown Away tour with Carrie?

LA: I don’t know.

Me: Any idea when the sophomore album will be out?

LA: Probably before the summer. There’s no specific date, it could be like in the fall. I want it to be just right. I have a little bit more time this time. Last time, I had to rush because I just came off of Idol and there was a time crunch, so I’m gonna take a little bit more time. I’m actually writing this album so it’s a little bit different process than last time.

Me: What about a single to radio?

LA: We don’t know yet.

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