Lauren Alaina Wants an Escalade for Her Birthday

Don’t look down, don’t look down..

Lauren Alaina was in town for our annual benefit show for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and I had a chance to ask her five questions. Unfortunately, my frickin’ microphone wasn’t working, so the audio is piss poor.

Me: What are you asking for for your 18th birthday?

LA: I have a lot of stuff. So, I don’t really need anything. I just want to be home with my family. That’s a good question..I want an Escalade.

Me: Maybe all you guys can pool your money together on the fan site and get her a door from an Escalade.

LA: Just like maybe one of the floor mats.

Me: A majority of country music fans weren’t excited to hear that Nicki Minaj would be sitting at the judges table on American Idol this season. Do you think that she’s a talented enough ‘singer’ to be on Idol?

LA: Well, I think she’s an entertainer. I don’t really know that she..I mean she can sing but she usually raps. But yeah, I think she’s cool.

Me: Are you excited to see what she brings to the show?

LA: Yeah, I think it’ll be interesting.

Me: Have you and Scotty McCreery ever dated?

LA: No, we have not.

Me: Do you think he’s cute?

LA: Yeah. He’s not my type at all, but he’s cute.

Me: What is your type?

LA: Not him. No I usually just depends, I don’t know!

Me: He’s not the guy that you were tweeting about back in June when you had that Twitter catfight?

LA: No.

Me: You wanna say who that was?

LA: A loser.

Me: Okay, he’s gone, he’s done?

LA: It’s done. He’s gone. Been long gone. I’m glad you saw that.

Me: I’m sorry, it was all over!

LA: I feel like I had every right to say those things.

Me: I feel like you could make a song out of it.

LA: I did. A few of ‘em.

Me: On the next album?

LA: Yeah.

Me: What are your plans for 2013?

LA: I’m gonna be recording an album probably the end of this year, maybe some in the first of the year. And I’ll be out promoting it, but I don’t know what exactly that is gonna be. Maybe jump on a tour..

Me: Maybe the Blown Away tour with Carrie?

LA: I don’t know.

Me: Any idea when the sophomore album will be out?

LA: Probably before the summer. There’s no specific date, it could be like in the fall. I want it to be just right. I have a little bit more time this time. Last time, I had to rush because I just came off of Idol and there was a time crunch, so I’m gonna take a little bit more time. I’m actually writing this album so it’s a little bit different process than last time.

Me: What about a single to radio?

LA: We don’t know yet.

About Broadway

Broadway has been a country music radio deejay since 2006. He started at B-93 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he accepted the night show host position. While there, his show was syndicated on 106.7 The Fox-Detroit, FM106-Milwaukee, 106.1 RDU Country-Raleigh, Vegas Country-Las Vegas, Country 92.5-Hartford, and 102.5 KNIX-Phoenix. Broadway was also heard on over 50 stations across the country as part of Clear Channel’s Premium Choice on weekend nights. Since 2012 he has worked in Miami, FL, Hartford, CT and Pittsburgh, PA.
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