Kenny Chesney Has His Own Instagram Filters

Kenny Chesney has unveiled new apps for your iPhone, Android, Mac, and iPad. With the iPhone and Android apps you can filter your pictures, just like Instagram. There’s three filter options – NSR, Fishbowl, and Tequilla.

Some other key features of the apps: Listen to songs hand-picked by Chesney through No Shoes Radio. Not only can users keep their friends updated with what they’re listening to through Facebook and Twitter (with hashtags and other Twitter symbols built-in), but they can also request songs to be played on the station. On the mobile version, a variety of skins are available so that fans can choose the ideal backdrop for their own customized No Shoes Radio listening experience.

While listening to No Shoes Radio, users can purchase tickets to concerts and view a countdown to the show they’re attending, which can be shared through their social networks. Fans can even access a map that will provide driving directions to a show. If a fan would like to avoid lines at the concert, merchandise can be bought directly through the app, arriving at the user’s doorstep days later.

Various photo-based features, including a set of vintage and distressed filters that imbue fan photos with the same style and coloring as Chesney’s album covers or music videos, for example. On the mobile versions of the app, there is a fan “photo of the day” feature, pulled from Chesney’s site, that appears when a user tilts the phone to its side.

Fans can preview and purchase Chesney’s albums on iTunes/Amazon, and enjoy them without leaving the app.

Other features include compatibility with Apple AirPlay for easy wireless streaming and an “On the Road” section that highlights fans’ social media posts and photos.

Download the apps HERE

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