Eric Church Look-Alike

Donald Bowers/Getty Images; WKRN-TV Nashville

We’ve all heard the story about the douche who tried to pass himself off as Kenny Chesney, was booted from a show, then cried to the media about it.

Now, there’s this guy.

“My wife Ashley dared me to put on my hat and sunglasses for 10 secs and walk through the crowd at LP field (TN Titans Football Stadium) during the CMA Music Fest 2012. It was the craziest 3 mis of my life. My wife started videoing after approx 2 mins. This is the last 30 secs. Everyday of my life at least one person stops and ask if I am Eric Church. Sometimes driving down the road, I have had people follow me to gas stations to ask. Some people dont believe that I am not him and ask for an autograph or picture…. I sign my own name, Trevor George…”

So what you’re telling me’ve never, not even one time, pretended to be Eric Church? Why not?! I’ll tell you what, if I’m this guy and I go to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change and the mechanic says, “Holy sh*t! You’re Eric Church!” I’d say, “Yup.” Especially if I’m getting my wife’s oil changed! Her Equinox only takes Synthetic oil and that stuff is NOT cheap. No, but seriously. I want to believe this guy, but his little experiment had to show him the type of power he possesses, and I would be shocked if he hasn’t tried using it since June.


When I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan we had a guy who called himself the ‘Timposter’. He would prance around town telling people that he was Tim McGraw. I can’t tell you how many times people would call the station or run up to me at station events with pictures on their phones saying, “OMG, Broadway! I met Tim McGraw last night!”

If you can’t afford the $500,000 that Tim McGraw charges, why not book the Timposter?


About Broadway

Broadway has been a country music radio deejay since 2006. He started at B-93 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when he accepted the night show host position. While there, his show was syndicated on 106.7 The Fox-Detroit, FM106-Milwaukee, 106.1 RDU Country-Raleigh, Vegas Country-Las Vegas, Country 92.5-Hartford, and 102.5 KNIX-Phoenix. Broadway was also heard on over 50 stations across the country as part of Clear Channel’s Premium Choice on weekend nights. Since 2012 he has worked in Miami, FL, Hartford, CT and Pittsburgh, PA.
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3 Responses to Eric Church Look-Alike

  1. Marcy says:

    Thanks for the shout out to MyMcGrawShow, Broadway! Not sure I agree with the word “prance”…I would say it is more of a swagger….but regardless, his a$$ looks good in his jeans when he’s around town promoting the Tribute Show! 🙂

  2. Lee Crites says:

    Hey Broadway,not sure how to take the above blog, but just an FYI where the name “Timposter” came from check out, and you will see it didn’t originate from me, (you will be surprised who actually started that nickname for me). Also I never tell people I am Tim McGraw. I could lose my business as a Tim McGraw Tribute Artist if I did that and it would not be respectful to Tim McGraw himself and all the McGraw fans I have taken picture’s with. I will say this, do you honestly think after all the 100’s of pictures that I have taken with people over the years that even though they know that I’m not Tim, that they are telling people that they got their picture with a guy that “looks” like Tim McGraw ? I’m not sure about the individuals above, but I take pride in performing “MyMcGrawShow” and in my career as a Tim McGraw Tribute Artist. I have had the opportunity to open for Jo Dee Messina, and have been the finale act for country music artist Jimmy Wayne, and Keith Anderson and also have been able to help raise money for brain cancer research and development through the Tug McGraw Foundation by running the 2011 NYC Marathon with Team McGraw and continue to donate money to the Tug McGraw Foundation through “MyMcGrawShow”..

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