Who’s That in the ‘Creepin’ Video?

Her name is Melissa Core and she’s a choreographer, dancer, and model.

I have to admit, when I first previewed the video, I thought she was a he dressed as a she. This was also subsequent to my conversation with Eric Church, where he said the video was going to be “odd and weird”.

She’s from Australia, but now calls Nashville home. You may have also seen her in The Band Perry’s ‘All Your Life’ video.

In addition, Melissa has appeared in videos for Pitbull (Give Me Everything) and Rachelle Lynae (Till The Cows Come Home).

For a good laugh skip to the 2:00 mark..
Besides music videos, she’s acted in numerous television commercials and made appearances on the Australian TV series ‘Home and Away’.

This update is by request of my friend, Shannon, from NashvilleGab.

She too found herself drawn to the interwebs to search for information on some of the characters from Eric Church’s ‘Creepin’ video. Her search led her to my site.

Shannon wrote, “Now, I just need to get info on Mr. Blue Eyes from the video because….dayummm.”

I replied with, “I’ll save you, Shannon!”

Jared Sullivan is originally from Durant, Oklahoma. He moved to Nashville in November 2011 where he had planned to continue working with merchandising for various bands.

He booked a principal role as a military man in the PSA for the Armed Forces Network. From there he was bitten and wanted to do more.

Jared is still new to the industry, so he’s only had small roles in a couple of indie flicks. You can see him in “Living in Sin” and “The Cyclical Effect”, which he just finished up.

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3 Responses to Who’s That in the ‘Creepin’ Video?

  1. Shannon says:

    Funny, on my site someone had corrected me by saying his eyes were blue and not gray (like I originally posted) so I changed it to Mr. Blue Eyes. Looking at the picture you found, though, they definitely look gray or even almost green. Maybe I should call him Mr. Chameleon eyes.

  2. ally cat says:

    Jared Sullivan is beautiful!! I would love to see him in more things.

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