Brantley Gilbert Talks About Writing with Eric Church

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In case you missed my Brantly Gilbert interview, Brantley gave extensive details about a song he and Eric Church wrote together.

Artists dishing on songs in their infancy seem to be a very rare occurrence, so I thought this deserved it’s own post. Not to mention, I’m a HUGE Brantley and EC fan so this excites me more than a shark about to take a bite out of a plump swimmer’s bottom.

Me: I had Eric Church on the show last week, and he said that you guys wrote a couple of songs when you were on the road with him. Have you called dibs on either one of those songs yet?

BG: No, neither one of us have man. We’re just kinda lettin’ it play out..there was some good stuff, he’s a great writer.

Me: Can you tell me about either of the songs?

BG: One of ‘em’s pretty funny, it’s called ‘I’m Already Broke’. He had a buddy who hasn’t called him and he’d been working this job and he’s like, “Ya know, I been workin’ this job 60 hours gettin’ paid for 40.” He says, “I’m thinkin’ about just quittin’. I might as well, I’m already broke.” So we just took his story and turned it into a song. It’s pretty cool.

This part of the conversation occurs at the 2:21 mark..

More Brantley news..we now know who he’s dating! Check out my girls at CMTT for the scoop.

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