5 Questions for Thomas Rhett

Wrong finger!

If you could have a beer with Jesus, what’s the first question you’d ask him?
“Am I doin’ alright?”

What’s your favorite kind of beer?
“Shiner Bock or Rolling Rock.”

Growing up, there were lots of famous people coming over to write songs with your dad. Do you have any good stories?
“When I was in about 8th grade, I came home with an English project and Blake Shelton helped me. I think I got a B.”

Jason Aldean recorded your song, ‘1994’ for his new album. Who came up with the ‘Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie’ line?
“That was actually me. I was writing with two guys in Nashville. We were actually writing a slow song and there was a part in the song where we said, “It’s like you being romantic with a girl and you’re on the beach and there’s Joe Diffie playing out of your boom box you brought with ya.” We got sick of writing a slow song so we pulled up a beat to write to, and at the end of the chorus I was like, we’re missing something. So, we decided to chant Joe Diffie.”

You’re getting married in less than a month?
“27 days.”

You’ve been with your fiance a long time?
“I’ve known her since 1st grade. We actually dated when we were like 15, but it didn’t work out. We both dated other people for a long time..this is after I got out of college..I heard that her and her other boyfriend broke up. And, I went in for the kill and we got engaged like eight months later.”

Have you ever written a song for her?
“I have. It might be on record two, but it’s not on the first record.”

If you want to learn how to ‘Diffie’, skip ahead to 2:35..

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