Little Big Town’s 2013 Summer Hit Will Be ‘Jet Ski’

With the release of Little Big Town’s new album, ‘Tornado’, I had the pleasure of receiving a call from group member Jimi Westbrook.

:00 Do you and Karen have a boat?

1:11 Will next summer’s #1 from LBT be titled ‘Jet Ski’?

1:37 Is it true that LBT owes Miranda Lambert for ‘Pontoon’?

2:20 Did LBT almost breakup?

4:10 Do you feel like you guys showed more attitude/swagger on ‘Tornado’ than past albums?

5:41 Why do you think Rascal Flatts didn’t receive any nominations for the 2012 CMA Awards?

6:38 If you could win only one CMA Award this year, which would it be?

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