Country Songs that Mention Weed

‘Dixie Highway’ came up on my iPod yesterday, and for the first time since downloading the album I let the entire 7-minute song play through.

During one of Zac’s verses he sang..
“Had rabbit tobacco growing on the roadside
Rolled it up and we smoked it down”

I assumed Zac was singing about weed. Turns out, he wasn’t.

Urban Dictionary says rabbit tobacco is “A common tobacco substitute used by children in rural areas.”

Regardless of what it was, I was already compiling a stoner’s perfect playlist – all of the naughty country songs that mention weed. Here’s what I came up with..

Zac Brown Band ‘Toes’
“Adios and vaya con dios
Yeah I’m leaving GA
Gonna lay in the hot sun and roll a big fat one
And grab my guitar and play”

Toby Keith ‘Weed With Willie’
The entire song is about weed.

Kenny Chesney ‘French Kissin’ Life’
“Went through customs and immigration
Still this feels like home
I’m floating ’round through Gorda Sound
With a cooler and a bong”

Jamey Johnson ‘High Cost of Living’
“That Southern Baptist parkin’ lot,
was where I’d go to smoke my pot.
And sit there in my pick-up truck and pray.”

Charlie Daniels ‘Long Haired Country Boy’
“People say I’m no-good,
And crazy as a loon.
I get stoned in the morning,
I get drunk in the afternoon.”

Waylon Jennings ‘I Can Get Off On You’
“Take back the weed, take back the cocaine baby
Take back the pills, take back the whiskey too”

Merle Haggard ‘Okie From Muskogee’
“We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee;
We don’t take our trips on LSD
We don’t burn our draft cards down on Main Street;
We like livin’ right, and bein’ free.”

Kid Rock ‘All Summer Long’
“And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song”

Lost Trailers ‘Gravy’
Again, the entire song is about weed.

Randy Houser ‘They Call Me Cadillac’
“I’ve been known to giggle on a joke
Mostly when I’m smokin’ on my smoke
and most folks know it’s time for gettin’ down
When I reach back and turn this hat around”

Eric Church ‘Smoke A Little Smoke’
“Kick back, gives the blues a spin
Break out the wine, forget again
Dig down deep, find my stash
Light it up, memory crash”

Eric Church also released an album titled ‘Chief’. If you don’t know, ‘chief’ is the act of smoking weed.

Hank Williams Jr. ‘Family Tradition’
“They get on me wanna know Hank
Why do you drink?
(Hank) why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?”

Clay Walker ‘Fore She Was Mama’
“To Mama, ‘fore she was Mama
In a string bikini, in Tijuana
Won’t admit she smoked marijuana
But I saw Mama, ‘fore she was Mama”

Gary Allan ‘Alright Guy’
“This one time for medicinal purposes they forced me to smoke some dope
I’m pretty sure I can still be the President
But I dont think I’ll ever get to be the Pope”

Even though Willie Nelson released an album with a huge pot leaf on the cover, he has never written a song specifically about marijuana. However, according to his biography, he did smoke weed on the White House roof.

I don’t smoke weed, but to those who do HAPPY TWANGING AND TOKING!

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