Delivery Room Playlist

My wife and I are expecting our second child in November. One of the things the hospital recommended we do while preparing our things for the hospital is put together a ‘delivery room playlist’. Jamie asked me if I could help her come up with some appropriate songs. So, I put the question out there on Facebook and Twitter and here’s what I got..

Kyle Foley: Push it to the limit!
Dennis Fontaine: Van Halen- Jamie’s cryin’
Tina Thompson Acevedo: Push It by Salt N Peppa
VISIT FLORIDA Family Insider: Breathe – by Faith Hill
Michael Edwards: Them song for Rocky….LoL
Uturn Laverne: you’re having my baby
Eric Brandon: Oops I did it again?
K Denise Chambers: Hurt so Good, John Mellancamp
Jose Clevenger: ‎”Eye of the tiger” by Survivor
djmattb: Come Baby Come

You silly turds. Now, can I get some serious suggestions please?

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