Where Are They Now: Crystal Hoyt (Trailer Choir)

What’s the former first lady of the Trailer Choir up to these days?

Well, let’s first start with the ‘divorce’ announcement..

Trailer Choir Will Become A Duo – Vocalist Crystal Hoyt Leaving To Pursue Other Interests

Founding Trailer Choir members Bigg Vinny and Butter announced today that vocalist Crystal Hoyt is departing the group to pursue other interests.

“Crystal is a dear friend, and we wish her much success,” said Bigg Vinny. Butter added, “The band is very proud of its work and efforts together and is parting on very supportive terms.”

“We are looking forward to what 2011 has to bring for all of us. Working with Butter and Vinny has been an incredible experience, and I wish them nothing but the best,” says Crystal.

TC fans have come to understand, that you may never know what to expect when you are with Trailer Choir, except a good time, and TC assures there is just more of that to come!”

Although the reason she left is not completely clear, the trio had sort of ‘stalled out’. In fact, according to the Show Dog Universal website, Toby Keith ‘fired’ them.

More evidence of this is the November 2011 Trailer Choir single “Love Me First” was released through their own Hollaville Records.

Meanwhile, Crystal was off the grid..

“I took about four or five months off and did nothing but write at the beginning of 2011,” she says. “I’ve been in the process of redeveloping myself as an artist and a writer. It had been a while since I had focused on just writing,” she says, admitting that she really liked how it felt. “At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get back in music as an artist, or just focus on writing songs. In that process, I found that I was writing things that were so personal that when I played it for people, they would ask me why I wasn’t doing this on my own. I started asking myself the same question, and delved into what I thought was me artistically. I want fans to see who I am as an artist now.”

It appears as though she’s decided to try the artist thing again. She posted this video in April..

And, she posted another in July..

She’s currently unsigned..and single? Wasn’t she engaged at one point?

Click Here for Crystal’s website

From my personal virtual scrapbook, my favorite Trailer Choir moment..

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