Drip of Honey on the Moneymaker Means…

I know the song has already hit #1 and Luke is on to his next single, but I just recently for some reason became obsessed with finding out what “drip of honey on the moneymaker” means.

Sounds dirty, doesn’t it?

I asked people on Facebook and here’s what I got..

Christine Medeiros: Me. Duh.

Susan Casalotti: IDK bit its HOT

Vanessa Santana: Super hot !

Shanice Kettle: Fave line of that song lol!

Denise Judge: I can only think of one thing, well …. Maybe two. 🙂

Diana Lurie: Singers use honey to comfort their vocal chords…I’d assume that’s what he is talking about.

Deborah Walker: If you ever played with honey, you’d totally get that line 😀

Christine Medeiros: Diana! Any hot blooded woman with eyes isn’t going to interpret that line that way. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Lol.

Nicole Shearrow: Drip of honey falling on the boobs DUH lol

Tracy Chapman: I think it’s a good name for a new cocktail!

Shanice Kettle: Lmao @christine!

Greg Whipple: Its just should be chalked up to some of the greatest short
Bursts of lyrics ever. Love you ladies, oh and honey!

Christine Orlando: Um thinking sweet tasting ass.. u know shake ur money maker yes?

Ben Gross: She’s got a SWEET ASS!

Tim Searles: Well…
Based on the phrase
“Shake That Money Maker”…

Which means “Shake That A$$”

My interpretation would be relative…

The “Drip If Honey” would most likely be…
Man Juices…

With a little imagination,
You can put the rest together…

So, here I am. Totally stuck. No definitive answer. All of the sudden, out of NOWHERE, CMT posts an article about the line! And, they actually spoke to Luke himself about it!

The Crown in the Dixie cup, I understand. Even the spilling of homemade wine, I get. But I never understood the lyric about a drip of honey on the moneymaker, a reference in chorus of Luke Bryan’s hit, “Drunk on You.” And guess what? Neither does he. I asked him on Saturday (Aug. 18) what that line meant. Like, does the girl literally have honey on her badonkadonk? And, if so, how did it get there, and is that somehow sexy to men? “I don’t know. I called one of the songwriters and I said, ‘Rodney [Clawson], what the heck is drip of honey on the moneymaker?’ He goes, ‘Heck, we don’t even know,'” Bryan told me. “But that’s the fun part. You can just leave it open. It doesn’t really make sense, but it’s awesome.” We agreed that it’s the same case with Tim McGraw’s nonsense line in “Where the Green Grass Grows,” about the camel buried in a big straw stack. But when I asked, again, what does one do with a girl who has honey right there, Bryan just said, “Get a biscuit?”

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3 Responses to Drip of Honey on the Moneymaker Means…

  1. Shammon says:

    The line in Tim McGraw’s song “Where the Green Grass Grows” about the camel buried in a big straw stack, is not nonsense, think about the saying the straw that breaks the camel’s back. He’s about to be crushed under the weight of the fast pace lifestyle he’s living so he need to go to a slower pace lifestyle, where the green grass grows. Well that’s the way I always thought of it.

    • Ya know..I thought the same thing. But because that article poked fun at it, without any thought, I just assumed I had always misinterpreted it. I guess I’m a little too used to being wrong. =)

  2. Daryl says:

    As the father of two young girls, who asked me what the line ” drip of honey on your moneymaker ” meant, I found it degrading to women and alarming that someone so successful in the music industry has to stoop to a level he was way above. My daughters, 10 and 12, began telling me that their classmates had a discussion in school about it and was eventually told by their teachers that their discussions were completely inappropriate for the classroom. They went on to tell me that they knew that the money maker was somewhere between the Nabel and their knees. Thank you Luke for the grading the ideas of my little girls. You obviously care more about money than your integrity. We no longer listen to his music in my house. Since most of his songs deal with him having sex with girls, I hope his wife and daughters understand what daddy is all about. But I’m sure all the money he makes will buy his way out of that one .

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