JaneDear Girls on Temporary Hiatus

I’m not convinced that the JaneDear Girls are broken up. One reason is Susie Brown’s Twitter bio, which reads:

“The Official Twitter of Susie Brown. Lead singer of the Country Duo the JaneDear girls”

Maybe she’s just abandoned her account? Nope. Her most recent tweet confirms at least a break.

“I will be posting a secret link to brand new demo/song on my Twitter and Facebook page TOMORROW moring at 8 AM central!! I ❤ my fans!!” Susie tweeted last night, August 14th, at 10:11pm.

Exhibits B and C in the case are the verified Twitter profile and official website for the group. They never address the supposed break up. Why wouldn’t they mention the split?

“Do you want to be in a music video for Danelle’s new single “Trampoline”? Email nellyjoytrampoline@gmail.com 4 details! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3Vpn5MmdQo …” reads a tweet that was sent out on August 1 from the verified account.

Granted that was the first tweet since March, and the girls reportedly broke it off in April.

I couldn’t find a personal Twitter account for Danelle. But I did find an account for her pop alter ego, Nelly Joy.

Another interesting thing I discovered while scouring the web for info on this subject; Danelle co-wrote Big & Rich’s “That’s Why I Pray.”

I’ll wait for official word from the ACM nominees before I assume they are done. For now, I’ll place my bet on a break.

UPDATE: As promised, Susie posted a new song this morning.

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