Eric Church Criticized For Being Too Flashy

WE Fest was last Thursday-Saturday in Detroit Lakes, MN. But let’s just focus on Saturday. How did E.C. get stuck OPENING for Alabama? It’s time to pass the torch boys. (That’s my Olympic reference.)

But let’s move on to more important opinion about an opinion. Is it just me or are concert reviews completely pointless? Opinions are like bellybuttons, everyone has one. And while some people have outies, others have innies.

Check out this review from the Detroit Lakes Tribune:

“Despite retiring nearly a decade ago, Alabama showed no signs of rust Saturday night at WE Fest. The founding trio fell back into fine form as if they’d never taken a break.

The group returned to the site where they headlined the first, 10th and 20th shows, making them the obvious choice to close out the 30th anniversary show. But fans had to wait even longer as the group took the stage 30 minutes after the listed set time.

All was forgiven when they opened with “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band),” with guitarist Jeff Cook sliding to fiddle.

Guitars turned out to be an issue at the beginning of the show as singer/guitarist Randy Owens had technical difficulties with his. The troubles carried into “Tennessee River,” so Owens laid his guitar down and became more mobile as a front man. No knock against Owens or Cook, but Alabama was always better known for their vocals than guitar work.

Those vocals shone on “Dixieland Delight,” which featured a rich crowd sing-along and a spirited segue into “Will the Circle be Unbroken.”

The Southern-centric tunes showed off the trio’s harmonies best as they breezed through simple-times anthems “Song of the South” and “High Cotton.”

As straightforward as the music was, the stage show didn’t upstage the songs. Unlike the previous performance by Eric Church, Alabama didn’t rely on pyrotechnics, a video show or elaborate lights. The three founders mostly stood at their mics in front of one simple backdrop. For a band that brought production of country shows to level of rock bands, even Alabama’s lights were so minimal you wondered if it wasn’t the same rig they played with 29 years ago.”

(Full review can be found HERE)

I love this review..the reviewer ‘sort of’ criticizes Eric Church for having too many ‘distractions,’ then throws it back at Alabama and questions if they have used the same rig for 30 years.

Which performance do you prefer for the $99 ticket price?

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