Kelly Clarkson Has Never Lip-Synced

KC=Kelly Clarkson
JA=Jason Aldean
CM=Cory Myers

(Steve Carell drop) Ahhhhh! Kelly Clarkson!

BW: I know that movie is old, but do your friends still annoy you with that?

KC: I get that daily! Like, I’ll be in Target and someone will be yelling it down the aisle. It’s hilarious.

CM: Eventually, I would assume it’s going to get really old?

KC: It really doesn’t because it’s Steve Carell, and I just think that’s awesome that he knows who I am.

CM: I also find it hard to believe, Kelly, that you eating stuffed mushrooms is the major headline on Yahoo! News.

KC: Wait, eating what?

CM: You apparently ate stuffed mushrooms with your band before the Inauguration.

KC: I didn’t actually. Slow news day, right? That’s hilarious, and I’m actually not a mushroom fan so…that’s the best part of that. I’m always shocked anytime I make CNN, I’m thinking ‘wow, slow news day.’ When I tune into CNN I do not want to see a celebrity, I want to see people actually talking about our world.

BW: Did Beyonce lip-sync, and does it matter?

KC: It really didn’t matter to me; take it from a girl that has stood there. It’s the most nerve-wracking environment I’ve ever been in. Everything in your heart and soul is praying to God that you don’t mess up. And why is it, because that event isn’t about me or Beyonce or James Taylor, we’re just the jazz hands on the side. It’s about the President and it’s a historical event and it’s about our country. I could totally see why someone wouldn’t want to mess that up and pre-tape it.

BW: Did you lip-sync?

KC: I didn’t. Ya know, I’ve actually never done that. Because I’m terrified, if I ever did that, something horrible would happen, the track would skip…I have a really unhealthy fear about it. So no, I’ve never done that.

CM: Congratulations on your engagement!

KC: Thank you, yeah, that’s pretty much the coolest thing going on in my world.

CM: We talked to your buddy, Jason Aldean, last week and we asked him what he was going to get you for a wedding gift and here’s what he said..

JA: I don’t know, I’ll see if I get a wedding invitation before I figure out what I’m getting her for a gift.


CM: Is he getting invited?

KC: That is so awesome! Actually, it’s so funny; I just literally had a meltdown about our guest list. It was like two weeks ago. Because once you invite one person you have to invite all these other people, it’s just a train. Yeah, actually he is on our guest list.

BW: It must be nice having a billion or two billion dollars, because you’re not really limited, you can invite a thousand people if you want, right?

KC: Honey, I don’t know who has a billion dollars but it is not me.

BW: I was talking about Brandon…


KC: Yeah! Good call! We’re trying actually for a small wedding, just because that’s more our style, but it’s kind of growing.

BW: You’re going to be a stepmom, but will you have any kids of your own?

KC: Definitely, yeah. I wasn’t actually the girl that thought I would, but yeah no I will. I think once you fall in love you’re like, “I wonder what we’d make?” Even if that doesn’t work out, he has two amazing kids and it’s a boy and a girl, so you get the best of both worlds. They’re pretty rad.

CM: And you don’t have to go through the whole potty training phase which is awesome for you.

KC: And the whole birth situation! I’m not really excited about that! I don’t see anything magical about that. That just looks painful!

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What Movie Caused Gary Allan to Stop Surfing?

GA=Gary Allan
CM=Cory Myers

BW: Brian Mansfield wrote an article about your new CD and he refers to you as an outlaw. Are you an outlaw, Gary?

GA: Yeah, a little bit. But, I think it’s not very outlaw to call yourself an outlaw, unless you’re Waylon Jennings. (laughs)

CM: So, would you agree with his assessment of you then?

GA: Yeah, I would. I actually just read that.

CM: What about you is so outlaw?

GA: Hmm… See what I’m sayin’?

BW: Right, you can’t go any further…

CM: Well, we’re giving you permission so it’s ok.

GA: Yeah, then no, I don’t think I am.

CM: I’m looking at the track listing; Josh Thompson, The Warren Brothers, Rachel Proctor, Sara Buxton. You had some good writing partners!

GA: We did. You know what’s funny – it’s the first time I’ve written with girls and I didn’t realize that until the album was done.

CM: So, why was the experience different when writing with females as opposed to males?

GA: There was a lot of songs, or a lot of hooks that I had that they wouldn’t want to write and it was just because their perspective is so different. Writing with Hilary Lindsay…I remember throwing out lots of things and her going, “ I don’t believe that. I’m not writing that.” It was interesting having that perspective.

BW: And they smelled better too.

GA: They smell a lot better; it’s a lot more fun.

CM: Tell me about being Gary Allen the dad. Are you finding any challenges?

GA: You know what, that’s probably the funnest thing that I do, and there’s always challenges. I’ve got a teenage daughter that’s a challenge every day. I think that’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve got. I’m super close to my kids. They’re really excited right now because I’m #1 on iTunes. They just keep sending me texts.

BW: That’s cool that they’re fans.

GA: Yeah, that’s one of the greatest things I do.

CM: Do they ever come up to you and say, “Dad look so and so is coming in concert, or you’re on tour with so and so can we get backstage and meet them or see them?” Do they ever do that?

GA: Oh, constantly. They’re always working me for concert tickets even if I’m not there. They see more shows than I do.

BW: Who do they like?

GA: Fun, they’ve dragged me to Lady Gaga, they all just went to Justin Bieber; and I tell you what, when you’re a dad in Nashville, no matter how popular or big a weight you’re swinging, every dad is trying to get a Justin Beiber ticket!

CM: He’s standing there in line with like Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson. Everybody is in line to get their kids tickets. That’s awesome.

GA: Yeah, the will-call line was hilarious.

BW: Your song “Bones” was chosen as the official theme song for PBR. Have you ever ridden a bull?

GA: Never. Fine line between bravery and stupidity in that sport.

CM: Wait, wait, you’ll get on a surf board though?

GA: Absolutely! After I fall off a surf board, nothing wants to beat me up.

BW: No, but there are sharks and jellyfish.

GA: It’s amazing how many people are afraid of the ocean. I think I’ve just been in it my whole life so I don’t even really think about it. I remember when Jaws came out when I was a kid though. I couldn’t surf for a little bit, that really freaked me out.

CM: Do you still do some surfing when you can?

GA: I do. I made it out there about four or five times this year. I came out – actually on accident – and got caught in the US Open. There was a million people in my surf spot. But yeah, I made it out there about four or five times. I always keep about four or five surfboards out there in Huntington Beach with my friends so I can stop by anytime and dive in.

BW: How’s the clothing store doing?

GA: It’s doing really well. Ya know, we catch pretty much every act that goes through town.

CM: Like who?

GA: Guns and Roses, Journey, and then all the country people. During the award shows, some of the best looking stuff and worst looking stuffs mine.

CM: You’re not in there measuring inseams, right?

GA: Yeah, no, not me.

BW: You design some or all of the clothing at the store?

GA: Some.

BW: You ever just buy a pair of jeans and experiment on them with like different cuts, rips, and a bottle of bleach?

GA: I buy five pairs of jeans and have somebody else do that.

CM: You have kind of taken a step toward being a fashionista, I’m sorry I’m gonna put you in that category, because you’re designing some of the clothes. Do you sit there watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and go, “Hey that’s a good idea.”

GA: No, actually! (laughs) To me it’s more like deciding the cool stuff from not. I’ll walk through the store and say I don’t think that’s gonna sell and I think this is gonna work. It’s more things like that.

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Dwight Yoakam Isn’t Mad at Country Radio

BW: Your album ‘3 Pears’ set records on the Americana charts, and when we think Dwight Yoakam, we think country artist. Did that surprise you and was that something you set out to do?

DY: You hope for successful reception of what you do musically; that folks receive it in a positive way. In the case of which chart it landed on, it’s a coin toss and anybody’s guess. We’re in a world where things are in constant flux. I think that the traditional country chart has really kind of changed its demographic (in that) it’s become a very young, late teen, early adult kind of format and that probably pushed listeners and artists over into other charts, I know AAA’s playing us a lot. Although, in saying that, the next five minutes could mean that I’m back on country radio. Country radio’s a very broad, encompassing kind of format today.

BW: Are you disappointed or hurt at all that country radio hasn’t really gotten behind you?

DY: I’ve been really, really fortunate. I had a lot of success. Country radio has been great supporters of my music and I’ll always support country radio when asked. We’re doing interviews like this all the time at country radio stations. I really think that country radio has become a very diverse format. So when you say country radio, I think Americana radio is also transcending the boundary and they’re both commingling at times.

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