Will Justin Moore Record My Song?

The first time I pitched him a song was back in 2011. It didn’t go so well.

But you can’t give up! You gotta pick yourself up off the floor and try try try again! 7 years later, I got a second shot!

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A Day That Forever Changed Me

3/27/16 – RIP Brooks

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The Barnyard Is Back!

It has been far too long, friends! I haven’t done a show since October 30th!!

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for me…and a new time slot. I’ll be on Nash FM 93.1 in Detroit from 2-7pm. Not in the Detroit area? CLICK HERE to listen anywhere-from any device.

This isn’t permanent, but I hope it turns into that.


My new job reunites me with Lance Tidwell and Mike Wheeler, two guys I really respect. Anyone who knows me well has heard me talk about them. Lance and Wheels hired me in Hartford, and I’ve remained in contact with them waiting and hoping for another chance to be under their leadership. They allow their people the space and tools necessary to win.

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